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Linux Ubuntu 14.1 32 bit download
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Downloading Linux Ubuntu operating system
and creating an iso and installing Linux or any OS for the first time
      ISO Burn List.This basic plan is to download and burn an OS disk .
1.)To make it easier download Ultra ISO ,its for windows.There is a link in the upper left hand of the page.If you think it is good install it.
2.)Hit the download button for the O.S. system of your choice.In the upper left hand of this page.
  1. )Most computers will ask you for permission, some will just start the download at once
4.)Next verify that your downloading from www.nerdzilla.com and that you do approve
5.)Hit download if you would like to aprove.It could take a while for it to complete the download..
6.)Put a blank CD or DVD into your computer.It should register inside of the Ultra ISO program
  1. )When your computer tells you it is done open the file with Ultra Iso dont search online for a program
8.)A.Make sure Bootable is set on the ultra ISO program to make a multi bootable cd or dvd.It will say bootable cd/dvd in the small window.
9)Also set CD /DVD size to less than the size of your media if it is larger it will not allow you to continue.
10.)There is a picture of a disk on the tool bar when youre over it , it will read burn CD/DVD.Hit it.
11.)Another small window opens it is an applet.There is a second burn button at the bottom in the middle hit it.
12.)The job progress will show up in total size on the top of the first applet or window (sort of) where the program began.
13.)Now the drive will probably open when its done. Some machines might make you eject it.
14.)You now have an OS iso. Now you need to set up your PC bios to boot a cd or dvd first in the boot sequence. Write down your present boot setings
  1. )This is where you must be careful you can wipe out your data as you begin to boot your new OS
16.)Back up your old data and realize you can destroy the resident OS with its data.Make sure you have a copy of your old OS boot disk in case of failure.
17.)There is very high probability everything will be great.
  1. )When the boot iso is in the CD/DVD drive restart the computer if the boot sequence is set for disk drive first the drive will vibrate and flash for a while
19.)A screen will eventually come up and give directions .If not the boot sequence is probably not correct,New computers can be very tough.
20.)Once it's started just follow directions on the screen.

Ultra ISO for burning OS disks
Ultra ISO Boot USB Video
Ultra ISO can probably do much more than this basic operation .The stats on it are impressive . I dont guarantee it , but it has worked extremely well for me.There are five or ten other good ones .Brasero on Linux does a good simple job. It is a tiny bit clunky but I like it. It is free ,Ultra costs about 30 dollars right now. For the full version . It really seems the best .I have no connection to Ultra ISO its just the best.
Windows 8.1 can burn ISOs it's a rough interface and has tricks and rules and it could be friendlier ,but it can do it.
I recommend starting on an old computer you do not care about and test and verify everything, I recommend you back systems up because one wrong command or mistake and your data is wiped. Linux has high powered drive tools in it and you can destroy your hard drive ,and high powered boot tools that also can destroy your hard drive among other things .You do your research .I started with an old system.Check everything.It is very fun to me but you really are on your own.I guarantee nothing. I use this stuff myself and it works for me I hope it works for you ,so have some fun